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Film Festival to Focus on Water Crisis

Film Festival to Focus on Water CrisisFilm Festival to Focus on Water Crisis

The second edition of the Tehran Water Film Festival has called on photographs and filmmakers to submit their works of art.

Organized by the state-owned Tehran Province Water and Wastewater Company in collaboration with the Cultural and Art Organization of the Tehran Municipality, the focus of the festival is on the water crisis.

“It will highlight the social, cultural and spiritual status and the strategic role of water,” said Javad Razavian, festival secretary and TV and cinema comedian, at a recent press conference, Mehr News Agency reported.

“Although we have seen heavy rains this autumn, the drinking water situation is still critical,” he said, appealing for public cooperation to help curb the problem. Urban consumption is barely 15% of the total water supply while 85% is used and abused by farmers and agriculture industries.

There are no special terms and conditions for the competition.

“There is no age limit and enthusiasts can provide video clips and photos taken professionally or even with cell phones.”

The event is aimed to bring together people and artists from different social groups and express their concerns on water shortage through photos and films as the title of the event, ‘Report a Concern’ suggests.

Festival honorary president and veteran TV and cinema actor, Jamshid Mashayekhi, presented a statistical record of the water situation in the country. “Numerous ponds and rivers have gone dry and this will further endanger the environment.”

Officials and festival organizers hope the event would motivate the public to show more respect to the environment and change their water consumption patterns.

December 6 is earmarked as the deadline for submission of works to the festival secretariat.