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Mixed Media Art at Seyhoun Gallery

Mixed Media Art at Seyhoun GalleryMixed Media Art at Seyhoun Gallery

Young contemporary artist, Eylia Tahamtani, will showcase his latest collection ‘Placebo’ at Tehran’s Seyhoun Art Gallery.

The exhibition includes 10 paintings in 100*100 cm, sub-titled “10 Commandments” Tahamtani said, adding that the collection is mixed media works, created by acrylic on canvas and mirror, Honaronline reported.

The mirrors installed on the paintings are meant to create “mutual interaction between the audience and the art.”

“Placebo is a medicine or procedure prescribed for the psychological benefit of the patient rather than for any physiological effect, and intended to placate the recipient,” says Tahamtani, explaining the title of his exhibit.

Through his new collection, he hopes to communicate and reach out to his viewers “in new kinds of relationships.” Animals take human dimensions in his works, in his obsession to illustrate people as they really are. His illustrations reflect the close boundaries of painting, illustration, and cartoon. He believes that in illustration, every artist must be aware of the aesthetics of design and painting as well as conceptualization and storytelling.

His artworks are set in natural concepts such as the earth, sea, and sky. His focus is on the human being as a social animal.

‘Placebo’ will open on November 27 and will continue through December 9 at the gallery, at No. 11, 4th Street, Vozara Avenue.

Tahamtani, 35, is an illustrator from Shiraz, Fars Province and an expert in painting, illustration, cartoon and video art. He has published several books on art.

Among his important activities are art retrospectives and collection of young artists’ artworks to display them in cafes. He believes such displays create a good opportunity and a launching pad for young artists to introduce their art because of the unique culture of cafes.