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‘Daughter of Sheena’ Video Clip Unveiled

‘Daughter of Sheena’ Video Clip Unveiled‘Daughter of Sheena’ Video Clip Unveiled

A video clip on Behnaz Zarabizadeh’s book ‘Daughter of Sheena’ was unveiled for the first time recently at Tehran’s Azadi Cineplex.

Directed by Mohammad Baqer Mofidikia, with renowned cinema and TV actors Amin Zendegani and Elika Abdolrazaqi, in the cast, the video clip was unveiled at a ceremony in the presence of several veteran cineastes, Mehr News Agency reported.

‘Daughter of Sheena’ is a memoir by Ghadam Kheyr Mohammadi, wife of Iranian martyr Haj Sattar Ebrahimi, which details her experiences during the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq war and her life with her husband, as narrated to  Zarabizadeh. The memoir was recorded during hundreds of hours of conversation between Ghadam Kheyr and the author.

‘Daughter of Sheena’ won a prize at the 16th Sacred Defense Book of the Year Award in December 2014. A documentary film has also been made by Farzin Taheri.

Ebrahimi (1956-1986) was born in Razan in Hamedan Province. He married Ghadam-Kheyr in 1977 and they have four daughters and a son.

A commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces, Ebrahimi participated in several operations in the Iran-Iraq war. He was martyred in 1986 on the battlefronts during the military operation ‘Karbala 5’ in Shalamcheh in southern Khuzestan Province, on the border with Iraq. He led the Ali Asghar Commando Battalion 155.

Ghadam-Kheyr Mohammadi (1963-2010) was only 24 years old when her husband was martyred.

The video clip is not a mere introduction to the work, said Zendegani adding: “With professional directing, lighting, sound recording and shooting, the clip displays a brief summary of the book.”


“The story recalls the resistance of Iranian women during the war,” said Morteza Sarhangi, writer of books on Sacred Defense (a reference to the protracted Iran-Iraq military hostilities). He said the commendable sacrifices of Iranian men and women during the war have enriched today’s literature in the genre of Sacred Defense. “Four books on women’s war memoirs have been published so far,” he added.

“Literature and cinema are fruits of Iranian culture. Although Persian literature is ancient, and cinema is modern, the two fields are strongly connected, contributing to each other’s development,” said Mohammad Hamzeh Zadeh, CEO of Soureh Pictures Company.

The video project, introducing literary works through cinema is a sample of innovation, and through its promotion, the two arenas can be presented informatively to the audience, he added.

Comprising 19 parts, the book was originally published in 2013 by Sureye Mehr Publication Company in Persian. It has also been translated in English and Arabic. A best seller, it has been reprinted many times.