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‘Out of This World’ Art Exhibition

‘Out of This World’ Art Exhibition‘Out of This World’ Art Exhibition

This winter, the walls of Gallery 6 at the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire in the US will take the magical and fantastic impossibilities of our imaginations and present them in a way that is real and believable.

‘Out of This World’, on view December 3 through March 1, contains fanciful creatures in playful and whimsical settings and promises to take viewers on journeys to strange worlds, reported.

It shines a spotlight on fantasy art and invites the viewer to suspend disbelief just long enough to view a new realm of possibilities, unhindered by our own expectations. “Believing the ‘impossible’ comes very naturally to children, so this fantasy theme is a perfect fit for an art exhibition within a children’s museum,” said Tess Feltes, Gallery 6 curator.

Also on view on the museum exterior is an installation by local artist Sam Paolini.

“Sam’s art is all about other worldly creatures existing in fantastic and colorful environments, so we wanted to have her art greet guests as a way of saying, ‘Hey, anything is possible here!’” said Exhibits Director Mark Cuddy.

Close to 40 works of art have been selected for the exhibition; ranging from anthropomorphized forms to detailed illustrations. These paintings, prints and mixed media pieces are mostly available for purchase and a portion of the proceeds goes directly to supporting the programs at the children’s museum.