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Azeri Musicians to Perform at Milad

Azeri Musicians  to Perform at Milad Azeri Musicians  to Perform at Milad

An Azerbaijan music ensemble ‘Delnavazan’ is planning a charity concert at Tehran Milad Tower.

The group comprises skilled Azerbaijani musicians, including Malik Mansourov, tar (a Persian long-necked instrument) player, Elshan Mansourov, kamancheh (fiddle) player and Shirzad Fataliyev, balaban (wind instrument), horn and tutak (pipe) player. The ensemble has cooperated with renowned music groups such as the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and the German Heidelberg Symphony Orchestra.

The sole Iranian member in the ensemble is Faramarz Garmroudi, an oud (stringed instrument) player, vocalist and conductor, honaronline reported.

Garmroudi learned vocal and instrumental skills under veteran Iranian musicians Esmael Mehrtash and Mansour Nariman.

Delnavazan director Damoun Shesh-Bolouki said the concert would be performed in Shur and Homayun Persian music styles. The musical pieces will be released later by Mahoor Institute of Culture and Arts in an album titled ‘Vafasiz’ (literally, disloyal).

  Strong Roots

“All the proceeds of the concert will go to the Nikan Charity Foundation in Tehran,” Shesh-Bolouki said, adding that culture has no boundaries.

“Iranian and Azerbaijani music have strong common roots. Such events will lead to further artistic and musical collaboration and strengthen cultural relations.”

The concert is slated for December 15.

The Nikan Charity Foundation was officially established in 2010. It supports charitable initiatives and renders assistance in health and education to those who are unable to work or provide for themselves. It also provides food baskets to the needy.

Since recent times, the foundation has been involved in prosthetic rehabilitation of amputees in coordination with an inter-disciplinary team of healthcare professionals, including medical specialists and physiatrists.