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Afshari’s ‘Hedgehog’ on Stage Again

Afshari’s ‘Hedgehog’ on Stage AgainAfshari’s ‘Hedgehog’ on Stage Again

The play ‘Hedgehog’ by director Bahram Afshari, will go on stage at Tehran’s Baran Theatre hall from November 29.

Written by Afshari, the story is about a rural youth who travels to Tehran to make his dreams about becoming an actor, come true. He recounts his past and expresses anxiety about the future; several events are interspersed in the story, Honaronline reports.

Hedgehog was earlier performed at Entezami Theatre Hall, and was well-received by theatre enthusiasts.

“When I decided to shift to Tehran from my rural hometown, my friends started expressing their opinion and gave impressions about life in a big city,” Afshari said.

“I also heard about a cinema enthusiast who had left his work and hometown to follow his heart, therefore I decided to write a story on the theme.”

Afshari said he spent a long time studying and speaking with cinema actors and extras, collecting their experiences. “After studying the information thoroughly, I created a character, whose personality and life story was partially taken from my own experiences.”

Since he believed that “no one could present all aspects of the character as perfectly as himself,” therefore, he decided he would be the sole actor in the show.

The play also includes video clips that “create dramatic thoughts in the viewers’ minds.” The last clip displays several renowned Iranian artists, Baran Kosari, Amir Jafari, Payam Dehkordi, Mehran Ahmadi, Houtan Shakiba, Navid Mohammadzadeh and Ali Sarabi.

“I am not using their fame to attract audiences” and the show by itself is enough to make the viewer think and understand the theme, he added.