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Macedonia Festival Marks Iran Cinema

Macedonia Festival Marks Iran CinemaMacedonia Festival Marks Iran Cinema

The CineDays Festival of European Film, annually held in the capital city Skopje, Macedonia, has dedicated a section to Iran cinema.

Eight powerful dramas among the recent productions of Iran cinema, which deal with social issues in the Iranian contemporary society, are screened in the ‘Country in Focus’ section, Mehr News Agency reported.

The movies include ‘The Exclusive Path’ and ‘The Ice Age’ directed by Mostafa Kiayee, ‘Alzheimer’ by Ahmadreza Motamedi, ‘The Corridor’ by Behrouz Shoaybi, ‘The Private Life of Mr. and Mrs. M’ by Ruhollah Hejazi, ‘Agha Yousef’ by Ali Rafiei, ‘Ghosts’ by Dariush Mehrjui and ‘For the Sake of Pooneh’ by Hatef Alimardani.

‘The Exclusive Path’ centers on a hacker group that empties the bank account of a very powerful person and later must pay for it. Houman Seyedi, Mostafa Zamani, Hanieh Tavasoli, Mitra Hajjar, Milad Keymaram and Mohsen Kiayee act in the film.

In ‘The Ice Age’, Manijeh, a married woman, wakes up to the truth that she has lost her life when she is on the verge of complete collapse due to her drug addiction. The star-studded cast includes Mahtab Keramati, Farhad Aslani, Bahram Radan, Anna Nemati, Sahar Dolatshahi and Mohsen Kiayee.

‘Alzheimer’ narrates the story of a woman whose husband is missing following an accident. She advertises in the newspaper every year hoping to find him. All of a sudden, a man who resembles her husband claims that he has come back after years. Faramarz Qaribian, Mehdi Hashemi and Mahtab Keramati are in the cast.

In ‘The Corridor’ Behzad, who is imprisoned for committing manslaughter in a fight, gets a three-day home leave. The out-of-prison visits improve Behzad’s seven-year-old son’s self-confidence as he had seen his father just a few times. The cast includes Reza Attaran, Hanieh Tavasoli and Mohammadreza Shirkhanlou.

In ‘The Private Life of Mr. and Mrs. M,’ Mohsen is improving his business life to higher levels, but when his wife gets involved in the business, he finds it difficult to tolerate the underlying conflicts. Hamid Farokhnejad, Mahtab Keramati and Ebrahim Hatamikia are in the film.

A middle-aged father In ‘Agha Yousef’ does everything for his daughter hoping she will never leave him. But a misunderstanding  complicates everything. Mehdi Hashemi, Hanieh Tavasoli and Shahrokh Foroutanian, are in the cast.

‘Ghosts’ is the story of a general and his wife who reach an impasse in their relationship. Years later the sins of the father catch up with his young son, complicating his life. The cast includes Mahtab Keramati, Hassan Majouni, Homayoun Ershadi and Mehdi Soltani.

‘For the Sake of Pooneh’ is about a couple, Majid and his wife Pooneh, who face a crisis because of Majid’s drug addiction. Farhad Aslani, Hanieh Tavasoli and Tarlan Parvaneh are the cast.

Launched in 2001, CineDays celebrates the diversity of cinema. The festival focuses on the promotion and the projection of cinematography as well as the discovery of young and talented producers.

The festival ends on November 21.