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Hikari Creative Exhibition in Tehran

Hikari Creative Exhibition in TehranHikari Creative Exhibition in Tehran

Hikari Creative mobile photography group held its first exhibition ‘Chance Encounter’ recently, after a professional 3-day workshop (November 7-9) at No.6 Art Gallery in Tehran.

The exhibition displayed photos by American Eric Mencher, Japanese Q.Sakamaki, Italian Marina Sersale and Iranian Ako Salemi, all members of the group. Comprising 60 documentary items, it seemed more an expo of fine art, Honaronline reported.

In an introduction to the exhibition, Mencher wrote: “If we truly consider, we will be witnessed as one of the most absorbing theatre shows, performed by real life bizarre characters. They will narrate life passionately and effectively.”

 Sersale said: “The interesting factors in photography for me are people in motion in city corners, creating visual action and reaction in lights and shadows. Empty spaces especially attract me. They prepare grounds for two-way relations between forms and lights, which reveal a new level of truth, unobserved in normal situation.”

As stated in Square Pics online magazine, the group’s photographs help people reconsider the world in contemporary settings that reflect the present times, especially in the Internet age. “The artworks offer a seamless view of the world from the point of view beyond photography and more inclined to the realms of imagination and emotions, where art thrives. This work gives a collection of finely composed, well-thought-out, spontaneous, disciplined view of the world and its mystery and beauty, light and shadow, the remaining, the happenings and the future.”

Hikari Creative group comprises skilled artists and welcomes talent from around the globe.

The group will also feature their works of art in Tokyo, Rome and Washington, homeland of the other three artists.