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Silicone Sculptures of Martyrs

Silicone Sculptures of MartyrsSilicone Sculptures of Martyrs

The Sacred Defense Museum is displaying silicone sculptures of war martyrs by veteran sculptor Alireza Khaqani.

The series includes hyper-realistic statues of Mohammad Ebrahim Hemmat (1955-1984), Abdolmajid Sepasi (1961-1987), Ahmad Keshvari (1953- 1980), Hossein Kharrazi (1957-1987), Hassan Baqeri (1955-1982) and Sayyed Morteza Avini (1947-1993), all martyrs of the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war (known as Sacred Defense in Iran), Mehr News Agency reported.

Among the six works of art, Hemmat, Avini and Keshvari’s statues have been showcased at the museum, Khaqani said, adding that the other three artworks will be ready in a week’s time.

“The full-length sculptures are created in a special setting, which features victory in the eight-year sacred defense. The installation also includes four Iraqi prisoners in different situations.”

Khaqani has made statues of prominent people in Iran’s history in different fields of art, culture, politics, literature, science and sports, which are installed at Tehran’s Milad Tower Hall of Fame Museum.

Working on silicon prostheses for a long time, Khaqani says it is a material that has texture similar to the human skin. He prefers it for durability as visitors can touch the artworks without damaging them.