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‘Deliriums of a Married Woman’ on Stage

‘Deliriums of a Married Woman’ on Stage‘Deliriums of a Married Woman’ on Stage

A single-character play, ‘Deliriums of a Married Woman’, written and directed by Shabnam Raei is on stage at Shakibai Theatre Hall in Tehran.

The story has a cyclic plot, featuring the last three minutes of a woman’s life and when she returns to life after death, narrating two stories in parallel, a version of her own married life and a narration of the Students’ Movement in France (the student occupation protests against capitalism, consumerism and traditional institutions, values and order in 1968), Honaronline reports.

The character is a woman on whom injustice is inflicted during marriage. She symbolically lives with closed eyes, implying that her husband sees, acts and even talks on her behalf, Raei said, adding: “The play is not feministic, but portrays a narrow part of human social behavior, two repetitive stories which can be generalized at all times.”

The script, a personal comprehension of the author, is presented to the audience by the character “as two stories through a stream of consciousness,” she said.

With a linear dialogue, the plot takes the audience to the beginning of the story when the show is concluding, but by this time, the viewers have a clear understanding of the tale.

Pointing to the simple settings of the show, Raei said the character, played by Raei herself, presents a 45-minute performance with closed eyes and special make up. “The actor plays six simultaneous roles on the stage.”  

It will run through November 16 at ‘Se-Noqteh’ Live Theatre School, Shakibai Hall, No. 10, Mortezazadeh St., after Felestin Ave., Keshavarz Bldv., Vali-e Asr Square.