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New Theatre Hall

New Theatre Hall New Theatre Hall

A newly-built theatre hall ‘Iran’ will be inaugurated soon in Tehran to help promote domestic theatre.

The project, financed by the private sector, is scheduled to open on November 16 with three performances, ISNA reports.

The saloon is equipped with the state of the art technology in acoustics, lighting and video screening and photography, said Mohammad Hatami, cinema and TV artist and project advisor.

Some theatre saloons are not suitable for long shows, Hatami noted, adding, “However, the new 80-person capacity hall will be able to host play reading sessions, theatre workshops and film screening sessions, in addition to staging several separate shows simultaneously.”

“Culture events should command a high price. But today, cultural programs and artistic products are priced lower than some food products, which is a gross betrayal to our culture and civilization,” Hatami said, when asked if the growing number of theatre halls would affect the price of show tickets.

Iran Theatre Hall is located at No. 2784, after Parkway junction, Vali-e Asr Avenue.