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Tragicomedy ‘Rem’ on Stage

Tragicomedy ‘Rem’ on StageTragicomedy ‘Rem’ on Stage

A tragicomedy ‘Rem’, written and directed by Mohsen Mirzakhani is on stage at Niavaran Cultural Center.

The play tells the story of two greedy New York City women who are yearning to show off at any cost. They plan to set a Guinness World Record on Halloween night, but some events change the story, Mehr News Agency reports.

‘Rem’ was written three years ago and finally after four months of rehearsal, it went on stage,” Mirzakhani said.

“I have been aloof to the theatre world for a long time and have a different perception of performance,” he said. The viewers might construe the show as bizarre and incredible, because it includes scenes of decapitation.

The theatre director described make-up, settings and costumes as three important aspects of the show. “Despite the usual financial problems faced by the arts, I have tried to make the best out of the least, with professional settings and designing of the costumes.”

Fortunately, the play has been welcomed by the audiences, he said.

Danial Chavoshi, Samira Hosseini, Sajad Shahrabi, Amir Qasemi, Hossein Kashfi Asl, Mahshad Mokhberi and Niki Mozaffari are among the cast.

‘Rem’ will be on stage until December 9 at Niavaran Cultural Center, Khalij-e Fars Hall, Farhangsara St., Park Niavaran, Pasdaran Ave., Tehran.