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A New Perspective to a Trivial Subject

A  New Perspective to a Trivial SubjectA  New Perspective to a Trivial Subject

An innovative play, ‘The Principles of Repairing Black-and-White Televisions’ directed by Rouhollah Sami’ is underway in Tehran.

A realistic story written by Soroush Qasemian, the play has a unique perspective to a routine subject ‘television’, Mehr News Agency reported.

The main character Eddy wants to break the Guinness World Record for watching television, while gradually it is revealed that an underlying thought is flowing through the plot.

The story has a journalistic aspect as well. A girl reporter approaches Eddy to prepare an article on what he plans to do. But the audience slowly finds out about her motive, which is uncovering a murder he committed years ago as a teenager.

Bidirectional elements are used in the performance, as is usual to Sami’s works, and casual dialogues, which are common in everyday life, are obviously omitted from the script, to create the innovative style.

“Recently, realistic plays, with a hyper attention to the setting details, are becoming more common. However, I believe I can organize the realistic play in an abstract and minimal setting,” Sami’ said.

The 50-minute play highlights the difficulties of a reporter’s job. The audience witnesses the reporter getting puzzled as she is given three different accounts of the murder and is left clueless to understand the truth about what really happened.

“The show has been welcomed by the audience and it is expected to attract more viewers in the coming days,” Sami’ said.

Reza Soleyman-Taash, Ladan Nazi and Keyvan Saketov are in the cast.

Produced by Peyman Yahaghi, the play is on stage until November 16 at Entezami Theatre Hall, Iranian Artists’ Forum, Art Garden, North Mousavi St., Taleqani Ave.