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Islamic-Iranian Apparel Alongside Armani at ITF

Islamic-Iranian Apparel Alongside Armani at ITFIslamic-Iranian Apparel Alongside Armani at ITF

Young Iranian-origin fashion designer Behnood Javaherpour, displayed his latest works at the International Textile Fair (ITF), held at the Dubai World Trade Center last month.

Organized by the Islamic Fashion and Design Council’s (IFDC) Modest Fashion Showcase, well-known global fashion houses Armani, Diane von Furstenberg, Bouguessa and Blancheur and Integrity, presented a diverse and exquisite collection of outfits along with Javaherpour, who is the founder of ‘Behnoode,’ which is based in Napoli, Italy, Honaronline reported.

The collections of the designers were inspired by their native culture and apparel.

This time, Javaherpour presented Iranian-Islamic apparel to represent Iran. The collection included men’s suits and women’s scarves and manteaus. He said he wanted to introduce his homeland through the fashion art. “I used various colors and fabrics and added ancient Iranian motifs to the collection, symbolizing Iranian culture.”

The event, other than an exhibition of outfits also introduced designers and their styles to the audiences and sponsors. Italian fashion house Giorgio Armani and Behnoode were the only participants to include men’s wear in their collection, Javaherpour said.

On the concept of color and fabric, he said: “Color is life’s spirit and fabric, life’s art. Bring both together and you have a meaningful life.”

Emphasizing the necessity of financial support to fashion designers, he said: “I was invited to hold shows in Jakarta and New York, but due to the fact that designing several collections of men’s and women’s wear is an expensive job, I didn’t accept the offer although such international opportunities are very important to promote Iranian culture and art.”

Founded in 2005, ‘Behnoode’ showcases simple, yet elegant and unique, ready-to-wear garments with tailor-made quality for men and women. Innovative ideas and technical accomplishments enabled Javaherpour to enter the global fashion market.

His goal is to create designs “of a quality that convey a sense of permanence in a world infatuated with the temporary.”