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Int’l Rock Climbing Festival in Bisotoun

Int’l Rock Climbing Festival in BisotounInt’l Rock Climbing Festival in Bisotoun

The 3rd Bisotoun Rock Climbing Festival began in the mountains surrounding the archeological Bisotoun city in Kermanshah Province on Sunday.

The opening ceremony was attended by the provincial mountaineering federation officials and a group of Iranian and foreign rock climbers and cliff-hangers in Bisotoun Abbasi Traditional Hotel, IRNA reported.

As many as 120 Iranian and 60 foreign climbers from Italy, France, Switzerland, the United States, Austria, Germany, Poland, Tunisia, and Denmark will climb the rocks of Bisotoun Mountain.

The first and second Bisotoun Stone Climbing Festivals were held in October 2010 and 1012 respectively.

Venturing through the used mountain paths and opening a new climbing path called ‘Susan’, rope walking in high altitudes and bungee jumping are among the programs featured at the third festival.

The 1,200 meter high Bisotoun stone wall spreads over 5,000 sq. meters and is the largest of its kind in Iran.

The wall that is adjacent to the ancient Bisotoun city is located 30 km from the northwestern Kermanshah city, the provincial capital city of the province with the same name.