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‘Richard III’ in Satirical Twist

‘Richard III’ in Satirical Twist‘Richard III’ in Satirical Twist

‘Richard III’ directed by Aida Abparvar, starring Mehran Ranjbar as its only actor, is on the stage until October 22.   

While Shakespeare tells of the tragic rise and fall of King Richard III of England, in his play of the same name, Abparvar’s adaptation gives it a satirical/grotesque twist, MNA reported.

Shakespeare’s ‘Richard III’ is the story of a cunning deformed hunchback; ill-natured in character, he maliciously plots to usurp the throne. With more than 50 characters, it is one of his longest historical plays. Set in the late 16th century, it depicts the Machiavellian rise and subsequent short reign of Richard III. Lacking significant dramatic action, the lengthy play is commonly considered a closet drama.

In this adaptation, Richard III’s noble steed tells the grotesque story of his bloodthirsty owner. In his rise to power, the villainous acts of the ruthless plotter know absolutely no limits.

Through the juxtaposition of his evil side to the more lenient one which he shows in interaction with the steed, a favorable character evolves out of Richard III. Playing on the famous quote “my kingdom for a horse” the audience witnesses the ultimate despair that Richard III must have felt after having lost his horse in battle.

The play will be staged at the newly-opened Entezami House Museum located at Ahmadi St., Kaveh Blvd., Andarzgoo Blvd. (Gheytarieh).