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3 Posters for Press Exhibition

3 Posters for Press Exhibition3 Posters for Press Exhibition

Three separate posters have been designed for the 21st International Exhibition of Press and News Agencies which opens in Tehran next week.

Exhibition officials said the posters have been proposed “with the aim of reconciling families with the press and media so that all family members from children to the elderly visit the fair,” IRNA reported.

The first poster shows a family between the pages of a newspaper. The theme of the picture is to create a friendly link between families and the media and to encourage reading as a regular habit.

The second depicts a pomegranate covered in a newspaper page with a part of the seeds coming out. A delicious fruit relished by most Iranians, it is found in Iranian homes on different occasions like ‘Yalda’ night celebrations (December 21, the longest night of the year). The red seeds of the fruit are a symbol of clarity and transparency.

An illustration of six children and young adults flying on a newspaper is shown in the third poster. The picture sends the message that kids can enter a new world and gain knowledge and literacy from early childhood with the correct use of the media.

Graphic designer Muhamadreza Doost-Muhamadi has created the posters at the request of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.

An estimated 1,500 newspapers, journals, news agencies and websites will take part in the annual event slated for November 7-13 at Imam Khomeini Mosalla (prayer ground) in Tehran.