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National Book Week

National Book Week National Book Week

On the eve of the national Book Week, annually held from November 11 to 18, the Cultural Association of Children’s Book Publication (CACBP) is planning to present 110,000 volumes to libraries.

As in the previous years, the association has planned various programs for the weeklong event, including presenting books to Iran Public Libraries Foundation for distribution among libraries in rural areas, said Mansour Jamshir, a member of CACBP, Mehr News Agency reported.

Over 45,000 books have been collected so far and the figure is estimated to reach 110,000, Jamshir said.  A special ceremony will be held for six publishers of children’s books to unveil their works.

The second edition of the ‘Economy of the Book Industry’ conference has been planned by the CACBP and it will discuss the principles and rules “of creating and expanding the world of children’s books.”  

It will also discuss the lack of bookstores and libraries for children’s books and related subjects. Research papers and articles will be invited and studied and the selected articles will be published as a book.