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Young Artist in Int’l Ceramics Academy

Young Artist in Int’l Ceramics AcademyYoung Artist in Int’l Ceramics Academy

A young Iranian artist, Abbas Akbari, has become a member of the International Academy of Ceramics (IAC) in Switzerland.

This is the first time that an Iranian has acquired IAC membership, Akbari said.

“Applicants should be sent to the academy by three persons. A 12-member jury approves the application based on specific criteria.”

Biennially, IAC organizes an international congress, including a conference on a specific theme, and national and international exhibitions. It supports private initiatives by galleries and other cultural centers. This year, the organization has invited 100 active ceramists, Honaronline reported.

The IAC annually invites its members to take part in an annual international art event. Spain will host next year’s edition titled ‘Ceramic in Open Area’.

Akbari said members should present either articles or works of art under the theme specified and he has been making efforts to participate in international art symposiums and “have a stronger presence in workshops and competitions.”

Pointing to his current activities, he said he is working on two exhibitions at Aun Art Gallery, one titled ‘Pulp Stone’, an installation of dishes and sculptures, and the other, ‘Western Vote’, a series of items made of ceramics, bronze and metal.  In addition, “two scientific articles on the ceramic history of Kashan city will be published and presented at the exhibitions.”

Ceramic work is considered a traditional art and is largely ignored in modern art, he rued.

“Iran has a history in ceramics and also the potential to present innovative works in this medium combined with others.”

He hoped that other Iranian artists “will invest on ceramics and have greater presence in the international arena.”

More than 60 years after its founding in 1953, the IAC has remained steadfast in its commitment to be the center of the international community representing ceramics.

Thanks to the quality and the representative character of its members, the IAC stimulates cultural activities in the host country and promotes new bonds among institutions, contributing in manifest ways to the development of the necessary synergies for promotion of ceramic art.