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Literary Confab on Saffarzadeh

Literary Confab on Saffarzadeh
Literary Confab on Saffarzadeh

Coinciding with the third Literature and Science Conference in honor of the eminent Iranian female personality Tahereh Saffarzadeh, a ceremony ‘Lady of Culture’ will be held on November 10.

Organized by the Islamic Development Organization, it will commemorate the 8th death anniversary of Saffarzadeh at Sooreh Hall and will be attended by officials, scientific and cultural figures and selected participants, Mehr News Agency quoted Reza Esmaeeli, director of IDO’s art bureau, as saying.

Over 148 poetry pieces, 25 articles and 5 proposals on Saffarzadeh, author, translator and holy Qur’an researcher have been sent to the festival secretariat by poets and researchers.

“The poems are in different frames of ghazal (lyric poem), ruba’i (poetry style composed only in special meters), nimai’ (new style) and white poem (free verse)”, Esmaeeli said.

The annual festival comprises three sections: poetry, literary essays and research, and student dissertations. Winners will be chosen in each section and two others will be acclaimed.

“A list of culturally active women has also been provided by a group of experts. The winner will be introduced after studying the candidates’ records,” Esmaeeli said, referring to the ‘Lady of Culture’ ceremony. He hoped that the Culture and Islamic Guidance Ministry would approve holding the festival internationally.

The event will be attended by international poets, literati and researchers. In addition, the second reprint of a book of poems titled ‘A Tribute to Awakening’ which was brought out last year on her 7th death anniversary will be unveiled.

Saffarzadeh (1936-2008), was also an eminent university professor. Her bilingual translation of the Qur’an in Persian and English (2001) is the first of its kind.