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‘History of Surgery’ Published in Persian

‘History of Surgery’ Published in Persian‘History of Surgery’ Published in Persian

The book ‘Surgery: An Illustrated History’ by the American clinical professor and author Ira M. Rutkow written in  1993, has been translated and published in Iran.

The 577-page book has over 400 historical pictures of different surgical operations in the history of the medical world. For the first time, the book has been translated in Persian by Mostafa Jaber-Ansari, general surgeon and pediatrist, and published by Afkar publishing house, Mehr News Agency reports.

 Unlike common medical books, which have a chronological order, the translated volume has focused on civilization’s progress, demonstrating the social, cultural and economic situation in each historical era and the status of surgeries. The book covers pre-historical to modern medical operations.

Designed like a fine art book, this beautiful work by the foremost American historian of surgery represents the finest pictorial record of the history of surgery ever assembled between two covers. Writing from a surgeon’s perspective, Rutkow traces the development of surgery from its crude beginnings, from a primitive craft to one of modern society’s most accomplished achievements.

Brief biographies of hundreds of the most famous surgeons in history are included, as are charts and timelines, to make this history as accessible as possible.

Translator Jaber-Ansari is a former member of the scientific board of the Ahvaz University of Medical Sciences, researcher in philosophy, civilization and medical history, and a member of the board of directors of the Iranian Association of Surgeons.

Rutkow, 67, received his doctorate in public health from the US Johns Hopkins University.

He is author of seven books, including his most recent, ‘Seeking the Cure: A History of Medicine in America.’