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Yazdi’s Children’s Story as Audio Book

Yazdi’s Children’s Story as Audio BookYazdi’s Children’s Story as Audio Book

A children’s story collection ‘Good Stories for Good Children,’ written by the late Mehdi Azar Yazdi, is now available as an audio book in six volumes.

The collection includes adaptations of tales by Attar of Nishapur, acclaimed Persian poet, theoretician of Sufism and hagiographer. The idiomatic, simple and attractive literature which is Attar’s unique writing characteristics is reflected in Yazdi’s work, ISNA reports.

Mostly taken from ‘Mantiq-ul-Tayr’, ‘Musibat-Nama’ and ‘Ilahi-Nama’, Attar’s best known works, the audio book is narrated by Shabnam Moqaddami and is completed with background music by Farhang Sharif.

It is published by Novin publication House.

Yazdi (1921–2009) started writing for children in 1956 and wrote seven books, each adapted from classical books in Persian literature and re-written in an easy- to-understand style.

His most famous work ‘Good Stories for Good Children’ won the UNESCO Prize in 1966.  Another of his books ‘Adam’ was chosen as the best book of the year in 1968.

In 1944, he left his hometown Yazd and came to live in Tehran. From humble beginnings, he later started working for noted publishing houses like Amir Kabir, Ashrafi and Etella’at.

He also wrote ‘The Naughty Cat’, ‘The Playful Cat’, ‘Simple Stories’, ‘Poetry of Sugar and Honey’ and ‘Masnavi of Good Children.’