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Tutankhamun Gets a Facelift

Tutankhamun Gets a FaceliftTutankhamun Gets a Facelift

A group of German and Egyptian scientists have braved the mummy’s curse to carry out some important restoration work.

The bandages are about to go on the golden mask of Tutankhamun, reported Wednesday.

The world-famous artifact is to be fully restored, a year after the beard was knocked off and stuck back on with glue.

Christian Eckmann, an expert said: “There are basically two major components to this project. One is the de-attachment and re-attachment of the beard and the second, very important component is the comprehensive study of the material they used for manufacture as well as the complete manufacturing technique.”

There will be more bandages for the mummy while the work is carried out. The glue will be carefully scraped off and the beard removed. It will be reattached after being carefully examined. A special scientific committee will decide on the best method to use.