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Live in the Moment

Live in the MomentLive in the Moment

A play for children and young adults, ‘One Minute’ directed by Meysam Yousefi is on stage at Boustan Theatre Hall of the Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (IIDCYA).

It is based on a story under the same title, written by Jafar Mahyari, earlier published by IIDCYA and was an entry for the 11th Roshd Book Festival, Honaronline reported.

The story is about a flower named ‘Don’t Forget Me’, which has only one day to live. The wind plucks the flower and blows it to different places, where it meets good and bad creatures. Only in its final moments, the flower understands the important secrets of life.

Designed for teenagers, Yousefi said he has made the play “more in children’s theatre style to enable younger viewers to enjoy the show.”

The show was awarded at the 4th City Theatre Festival last month, in dramaturgy, best actress, clothes design and directing.

“’One Minute’ encompasses 18 years of my professional life and all the mental processes of understanding love, ambition and logical maturity, which is a flash of memories,” he added.

The message to the viewers is that life is short and therefore one must live in the moment.

“Performers showed physical theatre style motions. Black light and ultra violet lighting, along with specific geometric setting design for characters, who wear masks, form the mise en scene. For instance, in the grasshopper’s episode, inspired in motion style, we have used triangular fracted lines, and for the hedgehog, a circular design, remembering the rotatory motion of the animal,” he added.

Alireza Dorri, Lida Vaeidi, Neda Nouri and Sania Shahrokh are in the cast.

It will be on stage until November 21, at the theatre in Laleh Park, Hejab St., Keshavarz Bldv.