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Spanish Graphist at ‘Silver Cypress’

Spanish Graphist at ‘Silver Cypress’Spanish Graphist at ‘Silver Cypress’

The 4th ‘Silver Cypress’ biennial of the Iranian Graphic Designers Society (IGDS) will see the presence of Isidro Ferrer, well-known Spanish illustrator and designer.

The opening ceremony for the event is slated for November 2 and it will be held for the first time at Sadra Green Land Tourism Complex, in Shiraz, Fars Province.

A 10-day exhibition of artworks from local graphic designers will also be jointly organized by the provincial Culture and Islamic Guidance Organization, the Institute for Promotion of Contemporary Visual Art and the IGDS, Honaronline reported.

The biennial has seven sections: free, signs and visual identity, poster, publications’ cover and illustrations, commercial and packaging design, animated graphic and Persian calligraphy.

Ferrer will hold a 3-day workshop and deliver speeches on global achievements in art.

Over 600 items have been submitted so far that will be on show at Vesal, Bidbon, Tar-o Poud, Jam and Narenj art galleries in Shiraz after being displayed at the Sadra complex on the opening day.

The event will wrap up on November 5 by awarding the selected works.

Ferrer, 53, is trained in drama. He was a stage actor in Madrid before starting his career in graphic art.

In 1989, he founded the Studio Chameleon Zaragoza with the collaboration of three other professionals. He has won several awards, including the National Award for Children’s Illustration from Spain’s Ministry of Education and Culture (2006).

Isidro’s work often uses three-dimensional objects re-imagined and combined with traditional media to take on a new meaning. Textures play a significant role in his compositions and he is no stranger to surrealism.

As a graphic artist and illustrator, he has created posters, designed book covers, created sculptural objects and tile design. Images and everyday objects symbolize different meanings and take on exceptional importance in his works.