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Clothing Festival Soon

Clothing Festival SoonClothing Festival Soon

The most fashionable apparel in the society will be selected at the first Iranian Clothing Festival to be held soon.

The national festival, including two sections of men’s and women’s attire, will be held via the Internet. The best clothes will be evaluated by the jury online, ISNA reported.

Organized by the art institute Modeonline, the festival has been approved by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.

In the women’s category, the best chador and manteau will be selected.

A traditional religious garment, chador is a full-body-length semicircle fabric that is open down the front. It covers from head to toe and is held closely around the neck.

Manteau is French for coat or mantle. Most Iranian women nowadays wear this type of long and loose overcoat.

Over a period of 36 years since the 1979 Islamic Revolution, Iranian-Islamic fashion designers have created different types of chador and manteaus, bringing a variety in their styles. New patterns have been designed in different colors and styles, while adhering to the official and social norms of the Islamic dress code which requires women and girls to cover their hair and body.

Suit and sports clothes are the two subsections in men’s garments in which the jury will select the most stylish clothing.

The dress code applies for men as well and they are not allowed to wear short pants or extreme short sleeves and tight shirts in public.

People can send photos of their designs to the festival website to take part in the competition.

The submitted works will be judged both by experts and the public and the winners will be honored at a ceremony where they will receive the ‘chicest’ Iranian statuette.