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Russian Award for Iranian Animation

Russian Award for Iranian AnimationRussian Award for Iranian Animation

Iranian short animation ‘Based on Photo’ has won the best animation award at the Kinolit Film Festival (KFF) in Russia.

The seven-minute animation, a debut work by young filmmaker Elika Mehranpour “is like a slice of life in modern Tehran. It shows a group of young people whose only connection seems to be their camera,” Mehr News Agency reported.

The animation has so far attended nine national and foreign festivals including Anima Mundi, (the International Animation Festival of Brazil), Cannes Short Film Festival, Klik (Amsterdam Animation Festival in the Netherlands), Animasyros (Greece), 4th Persian International Film Festival (Australia) and the London Film Festival in England.

It won an honorary diploma for “its scrutiny in observation and depiction of daily life in contemporary Tehran,” at the 9th Tehran International Animation Festival earlier this year.

Animations can attend international festivals within two years from their production, “so the work can still participate in several other events as it was produced last year,” Mehranpour noted.

The KFF is an international online event of short films, documentaries, animation, feature films and screenplays which aims to support filmmakers, recognize their hard work, and award them so they are inspired to keep telling amazing stories.

Born in Tehran, Mehranpour, 31, is a graduate of the University of Tehran. She holds a bachelor’s degree in graphic design and a master’s in animation.