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Photo Exhibit on Coop. With UN

Photo Exhibit on Coop. With UN
Photo Exhibit on Coop. With UN

A photo exhibition opened at the central library of the University of Tehran to mark the 70th anniversary of the United Nations.

Records of Iran’s collaboration with the UN, since its founding in 1945, were unveiled at a ceremony attended by Serge Nakouzi, representative of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization in Iran, Majid Sarsangi, cultural deputy of the University of Tehran and Behzad Khakpour, head of the diplomatic archives at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Nakouzi presented a rare, historical photo of Iran’s representatives signing the UN charter, to Khakpour.

“The collection features 70 records from the most important instances of collaboration between Iran and the UN,” he said.

He also acknowledged the valuable cooperation of the Iranian news agency, IRNA, in organizing “the exhibition of historical photos of the visit to Tehran by UN secretary-generals.”

Iran is a founding member of the UN, Sarsangi pointed out. “Iranians have always prioritized the well-being of humanity and respecting people’s beliefs and values.”

He noted that despite valuable services provided by the organization towards global peace and security, there are nations, living in inequality and oppression, and hoped that deprivation and poverty would be eliminated.

The photo exhibition will run until October 21.