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Pristine Nature in Photography Exhibit

Pristine Nature in Photography ExhibitPristine Nature in Photography Exhibit

A photo collection ‘Commotion of Silence’, by Iranian artist Ravanbakhsh Sadeqi is on view at Momayez Art Gallery, Iran Artists’ Forum.

It includes 40 incredible colored pictures captured from landscapes along the Asalem to Khalkhal Road, also known as ‘Road of Paradise’, Honaronline reports.

The long winding 70 km road connects Asalem in Gilan Province and Khalkhal in Ardabil Province. Lush forests, pristine nature, traditional lifestyle of the locals, honey production, waterfalls and lakes, rare flowers and plants are among the unique features of the beautiful road that have been captured by Sadeqi’s lens.

Created in nine years, the collection features fall and winter landscapes in two categories of pure nature, and misty, painting-like photos. The pictures are of high quality with no digital make-up.

Sadeghi said there “are no humans in the photo collection since viewers should only see the pristine, untouched beauty of the natural landscapes.”

Also noteworthy, is a video of landscapes of Asalem Road featuring “mist in motion.”

The photographs are priced between $220 and $2300. The exhibition is underway until October 21 at the gallery in Honar Garden, North Mousavi St., Taleqani Ave., Tehran.

Sadeghi, 45, graduated in 1995 as an animation director. His works include ‘Watch Out!’, ‘Child and Spider’, ‘Al Hasin Place’, ‘Did You Know?’, ‘Atash Neshan (Fireman)’, ‘Old Tales’, ‘No War’, ‘Old Life’, ‘The Life Cycle’, ‘The Raven1’, ‘Kereshmeh’ (Miracles) and ‘Love’.

He has made more than 150 TV promos and commercials and has received many awards. He is a member of the board of the Iranian animation association.