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Khataei’s Work Bags Top Prize

Khataei’s Work Bags Top PrizeKhataei’s Work Bags Top Prize

Contemporary printmaker and photographer Mehrdad Khataei’s work titled ‘Under the Same Sky’, has bagged the top prize at the 5th edition of Fibrenus ‘Carnello cArte ad Arte’ 2015.

The prize-winning item was created with mixed technique and belongs to his collection ‘Glass Rooms’.

The competition was held by the Italian artistic-cultural foundation ‘Carnello cArte ad Arte’. The competing works will be exhibited for the public at Civico della Medi Museum in Piazza Mayer Ross Sora Fr, Lazio city , Italy (October 17 to November 1), Honaronline reported.

The foundation usually buys several copies of the prize-winning artwork, signed by the artist, jury committee and Lazio mayor and presents it to museums and cultural centers in the city, Khataei said.

The Fibrenus ‘Carnello cArte ad Arte’ prize was founded in 2011, to promote cultural and artistic works.

Khataei, 39, holds a master’s degree in painting from Azad University of Arts and Architecture. He teaches art at the University of Tehran, Anahita Institute, Kavosh Institute, Tehran Fine Art High school, Jahad Daneshgahi of Tehran University and Alzahra University.

The Italian association ‘Officina della Cultura’, since years is operating at Carnello, a small center on the Fibreno River and promotes the ‘Carnello cArte ad Arte’ carving competition. The idea is developed around the passion for art and paper.

The theme of the Carving Prize for the 2015 edition was “understanding everyday problems and to overcome, through the tools of art, the worrying sense of precariousness that pervades contemporary life.”

Khataei is a member of the Iranian Painters Association and has held numerous shows including printmaking solo exhibition in Istanbul, Turkey (2005) and art galleries Assar (2008) and Pooya (2004) in Iran. His paintings were also exhibited at art galleries Aria (2006, 2005), Mes Negar (2003) and Sabz (1997).