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Kashan Doll Museum Next Year

Kashan Doll Museum Next YearKashan Doll Museum Next Year

A doll museum will open in Kashan, Isfahan Province, in the next Iranian year (starts March 21, 2016).

A private mobile museum operating since a couple of years is staging puppet shows in remote areas for the benefit of nomadic tribes using the doll collection. Such tours are conducted in specially-designed cars, Honaronline quoted head of the Kashan doll museum, Amir Soheili as saying.

Registration and collection of dolls for the museum started seven years ago. The collection has received many visitors. A unique aspect of the mobile museum is that a puppeteer explains the history of the different dolls.

A total of 90 puppets, including wooden, stone, mud, clay, fabric, plastic and metal dolls, form the collection, among which several are displayed to the public on special occasions.

“In the past few years, many puppets have been donated to the museum, including 30 to 50-year-old dolls belonging to Mashallah Asadinejad, the last puppeteer of Mashhad in Khorasan Razavi Province. Visitors also provide valuable information about local dolls which helps us develop the museum,” Soheili said.

He said a puppet show has been organized in Kashan, by young Kashani puppeteers who will perform ‘Stories of Amir Kabir’, chief minister to Naser al-Din Shah Qajar (shah of Persia from 1848-1896) during the first three years of his reign (1807 to 1852), in Kashan’s Fin Bath, one of the historical Persian gardens in the city.