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Tehran Avenue Renamed in Honor of Farhangi

Tehran Avenue Renamed in Honor of FarhangiTehran Avenue Renamed in Honor of Farhangi

An avenue in central Tehran was renamed after Ali Akbar Farhangi, professor of media management at a ceremony on October 12.

The event was attended by a number of university professors, faculty members and students to venerate over half a century of Farhangi’s contributions to scientific studies on media management, Mehr News Agency reported.

Earlier, the mayor of district 6 of Tehran had announced that following the request of doctoral students of Islamic Azad University’s Media Management Science and Research Department, the Tehran City Council had agreed to rename ‘Behnam’ avenue after Farhangi, better known as Iran’s father of management.

The avenue connects Vesal-e Shirazi and Qods Avenues and ends at the University of Tehran.

Farhangi, 73, was born in Taleqan, in Alborz Province. He studied different academic majors like literature, religious sciences, linguistics, sociology, economy and communications.

He holds a postdoctoral degree in human interactions and a Ph.D in communications from Ohio University in the US. Farhangi did his master’s degree in management from the School of Applied Behavioral Sciences and Educational Leadership in Tehran and bachelor’s in business management from the Business School of Tehran.  

He has authored several educational and scientific books, among which ‘Human Interaction’ and ‘Non-verbal Communication’, the first Persian books in the field, have been taught as academic material for years.

Farhangi was conferred the title of ‘Iran’s eternal figure in management’ in 2005.