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Iranian Orchestra Performs Italian Compositions

Iranian Orchestra Performs Italian CompositionsIranian Orchestra Performs Italian Compositions

Bel Canto Iranian Symphony Orchestra conducted by Nima Panahiha, performed a selection of Italian compositions at Roudaki Hall recently.

Works by Italian composers, Francesco Verdi, Gioachino Antonio Rossini and Giacomo Puccini were rendered by Faraz Aqili, pianist and Ghazaleh Shirazi, cellist during the three-day concert (Oct.4-6), Honaronline reported.

Pieces in four vocal ranges of soprano, alto, tenor and bass were performed. Seven were from Verdi's famous opera works, which music specialists believe are comparable with German composer Beethoven. Russian violinist Lika Kashirskaya, who has 35 years of experience in Georgian choral and opera groups, was concertmaster at the event. Bel Canto means beautiful song in Italian. Panahiha said the 48-member group demonstrated its strong command on the compositions.