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Life PerspectivesLife Perspectives

A group exhibition of visual arts dubbed ‘Half-Burned Matches’ opened at Henna Art Gallery on Friday.

Curated by Mahyar Charmchi, it includes artworks by 28 artists, thematizing social issues through different artistic media including photo, painting, volume art, graphic, illustration and video installation, ISNA reported.

‘Matches’ in the title symbolizes the human being, whose lifetime is like the burning matchstick that ultimately flickers out.

The theme of the exhibition is completely metaphorical, Charmchi said.

“The exhibition displays different perspectives of life with artists illustrating a unique view through their artwork.”

Farshad Alekhamis, Saeed Emkani, Nikoo Tarkhani, Yalda Jamali, Mohammadali Chuhdari, Babak Haqi, Samira Hamzehzadeh, Shoatir, Yahya Rouydel and Charmchi are among the artists whose works are on show.

The exhibition runs through October 22 at the gallery, No. 19, east Beiglar Pour St., Jahantaab St., east Akhlaqi St., Kaveh Blvd., Solat Ave., Tehran.