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‘The Kitten’ in Dutch Fest

‘The Kitten’ in Dutch Fest‘The Kitten’ in Dutch Fest

Iranian short animation ‘The Kitten’ directed by Shiva Sadegh-Asadi will take part in the 2015 KloosterKino, a festival for short animations, in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, October 10-12.

Sadegh-Asadi’s work is participating in the 14th edition of the nonprofit film festival organized each year in the Dutch city, Mehr News Agency reported.

‘The Kitten’, an 11-minute animation with no dialogue, depicts the world of a little girl whose parents do not spend much time with her as they are busy dealing with their own problems. One day the girl finds a cat that has given birth to three kittens in the yard. Observing the cats she leaves the human world and enters the feline one, wishing to become a kitten.

A production of the Institute for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (IIDCYA), it has attended over 20 international festivals including the 7th Klik Amsterdam Animation Festival in the Netherlands and Interfilm in Berlin, winning three awards.

Another short animation by the IIDCYA ‘When I Was a Kid’ directed by Maryam Kashkulinia was screened at last year’s edition of the festival.

KloosterKino showcases the best animated shorts from all over the world.