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‘Art for Humanity’ Aims to End Hunger

‘Art for Humanity’ Aims to End Hunger‘Art for Humanity’ Aims to End Hunger

On the occasion of the World Food Day (Oct. 16), the UN World Food Program (WFP) launched an exhibition under the title ‘Art for Humanity’ at Tehran’s Niavaran Cultural Center.

Opening on Friday, the exhibition was host to the UN representative in Iran, deputy Culture and Islamic Guidance Minister for Cultural Affairs Ali Moradkhani, foreign ambassadors and diplomats, and a group of artists, IRNA reported.

The expo features 130 works by 100 prominent Iranian artists in painting and other visual arts. The organizers of the exhibition wished such humanitarian activities would be followed by other philanthropists across the globe “till hunger is eliminated from the face of the earth.”

“This move can serve as a model for artists in other countries,” said UN Resident Representative Garry Lewis at the opening function.

Appreciating the enthusiasm and zest of Iranian artists to the WFP philanthropic event, Lewis expressed hope that “with proper planning and appropriate distribution of food,” the UN would address the hunger challenge in the world effectively.


In a message on World Food Day, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said: “It is fitting that in this International Year of Family Farming, there are 100 million fewer hungry people than just 10 years ago. Sixty-three countries have halved the portion of their population which is undernourished. Our vision of zero hunger is within reach. But there is much work to be done. More than 800 million people do not have enough healthy, nutritious food to lead active lives. One in three young children is malnourished. ... A world free from poverty and hunger, where all people have realized their right to adequate food, is central to the future we want. On this day, let us resolve to end hunger in our lifetimes.”

On choosing the name of the exhibition, WFP representative in Iran Negar Gerami said, “it was the only name we could think of as humanity is indeed an art.”

During the first hours of the exhibition, art works worth $33,000 (one billion rials) were sold to the visitors.

The exhibition will be open to public and enthusiasts till October 24.