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‘Tehran, Open City’ Exhibition

‘Tehran, Open City’ Exhibition‘Tehran, Open City’ Exhibition

A group exhibition ‘Tehran, Open City’, curated by Farshid Parsikia, is underway at Dena Art Gallery.

The multi-dimensional cultural program will also host a Tehran photography competition, ‘Tehran Project-1,’ Honaronline reported.

The exhibition aims to illustrate the idea that “capitalism alters the appearance of a city.” In addition, the influx of outsiders in different historical periods and the changing face of Tehran are portrayed in the photography works.

“Veteran and amateur artists reflect their different perspectives through photography,” Parsikia noted. A total of 43 pictures by 23 artists are displayed.

Today, Tehran has grown into a huge metropolis and faces many challenges, said Kourosh Adim, one of the artists.

The title ‘Open City’ is given to cities that have archaic texture and an invaluable historical heritage. Saleh Tasbihi, another artist says cities are defined by their citizens. “Earlier, Tehran had a unique style of architecture and identity, which unfortunately is fading away.”

Artworks by Aida Ahmadi, Kourosh Adim, Mina Bakhshi, Saleh Tasbihi, Hamed Jaberha, Ebrahim Haqiqi, Zahra Khorrami, Nasim Goli, Maryam Nahaleh and Rasoul Younan, are on display.

Music performance for children, titled ‘Moon-Faced’, video art display ‘Admissions of a Grey City’ by Meisam Maqsoudi, a performance art by Mohammad Azarm and an analysis of the book ‘Tehran’s Myth’ authored by Jalal Sattari, are also among the programs.

Dena Art Gallery opened two months ago. It has hosted four poetry sessions titled ‘Standing Words’, a photo exhibition by Azad Ahmadi, and a commemoration event for Samad Behrangi, social critic, folklorist, translator and short story writer, curated by Arash Tanhaei.

The exhibition runs through October 19 at the gallery, No.4, Sousan Alley, after Taleqani crossroad, Sepahbod Qarani Ave., Ferdowsi Sq., Tehran.