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Malaek Charity Bazaar

Malaek Charity BazaarMalaek Charity Bazaar

The 9th charity bazaar, organized by Malaek Charity Institute opened at Tehran’s Qeytarieh Sport Complex on Wednesday, October 7.

The bazaar will present traditional Iranian dishes, jewelry, handicrafts and stationery in 80 stalls. The proceeds will be used to help children under the care of the institute, Pershianews reported.

“Iranian Artists Football Team and several donor artists are participating in the event,” said Akbar Karimi, institute head, at a press conference on Tuesday attended by Reza Banafshekhah and Iman Safa, TV and theatre actors, Mohammadreza Eyvazi vocalist, Saeed Amir-Aslani composer and Shahin Jamshidi, television presenter.

For the first time, a paintball field is designed at the venue providing an opportunity to play and watch the game for visitors and participants. Art groups will also perform shows at the three-day event which concludes on Friday (October 9), said Salar Bourbour, bazaar’s executive manager.

“Although artists may appear wealthy, they are mostly in a bad financial state. However, several artists are usually seen in charity campaigns. I’m glad to have the chance to participate to help the needy,” said Banafshekhah.

“Fortunately, Iranian artists in all fields have always been pioneers of charity events,” Eyvazi said, pointing to the charity football game organized earlier by artists.

Safa noted that artists could motivate philanthropic gestures in society, “by financially contributing to charity foundations, as they have always done.”

The charity was established in 2009 to provide shelter to female orphans and children with negligent parents. Healthcare services such as dental care, psychological counseling, regular medical check-ups and individual and group therapy are provided by the institute.

At present, the institute has over 20 vulnerable children under its custody. The charity runs on contributions by its patrons and benefactors.