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‘Unity’ Garment Unveiled

‘Unity’ Garment Unveiled‘Unity’ Garment Unveiled

A garment symbolizing unity between the two main sects of Islam, Shia and Sunni, designed by Mina Afrouzi was unveiled in a Conference on Ancient Architecture Art in Tehran Modern Apparel, jointly organized by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and Tehran Municipality at Sa’dabad Palace.

In a message of unity and cooperation between Islam’s two main sects, words from the Holy Qur’an are embossed on the garment called ‘Unity,’ which is made of white textile symbolizing peace, Honaronline reported.

The conference was attended by spokesperson of the Culture Ministry, Hossein Noushabadi, Fashion Organization secretary Hamid Qobadi, several MPs and municipal officials.

Pointing to government support for the Iranian-Islamic fashion industry, Qobadi said: “The importance of the fashion industry was endorsed in 2006. Fashion is not a restricted area and is strongly connected to the social fabric. Several million people in cities and towns “are walking media”. This reflects the importance of apparel in all its social dimensions and lifestyles.”

Development in the field calls for changes in perspective in three ways: government bodies should be more attentive to the role of the apparel industry in social, health, economic and cultural dimensions of life; researchers, designers, producers and suppliers should be updated in the field and consumers must pay attention to what they wear.

Eight more designs by Afrouzi inspired by Iranian architecture were also displayed.

Afrouzi presented her top design, ‘Unity’, to the Culture Ministry to be displayed. She acknowledged the ministry’s support to designers and said: “Unfortunately no other organization has taken measures to develop the domestic fashion industry.”

The young fashion designer is devoted to reviving Persian and ethnic fashion designs since “foreign cultures have made inroads in Iran’s rich and historical garment identity.”

Afrouzi currently works at Tehran Municipality as an entrepreneur holding tailoring classes for female-headed households.

She is also a teacher of outfit designing in several municipality-run institutions and branches of ‘Kanoon Farhangi Amoozesh’, a widely known educational center in Iran.