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Lalehzar’s Flor Cinema to Be Restored

Lalehzar’s Flor Cinema to Be RestoredLalehzar’s Flor Cinema to Be Restored

Tehran Flor Cinema will be revived as a cultural-commercial complex, 31 years after it was ordered closed in 1984.

Located in downtown Lalehzar Street, Flor Cinema was closed on the orders of Mohammad Mehdi Heidarian, who was then head of monitoring and evaluation office, due to the insecure building structure, Cinetmag website reported.

Many old cinema complexes are in a similar state of disarray and their fate is uncertain. They can’t be rebuilt as commercial complexes. The archaic city design and geographical location of Lalehzar Street also does not have the potential to accommodate modern cinema multiplexes.

Naser Majd-Bigdeli, owner of Flor Cinema said, “The building will be brought down and reconstructed.”

Today, multiplexes with shopping malls are a common feature and people prefer to watch movies in modern halls instead of old exhausted buildings.

One of the oldest cinema halls built in 1940s, Flor was first known as Roshan Cinema. In early 1980’s it was renamed Gol Cinema. Lalehzar Street at that time was the capital’s shopping and recreation center and the most happening place in town.