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Khoy Pays Tribute to Shams Tabrizi

Khoy Pays Tribute to Shams TabriziKhoy Pays Tribute to Shams Tabrizi

A variety of programs including a national conference, music concerts and scientific workshops to commemorate Shams Tabrizi, the great Iranian thinker, were held at Khoy city in Khoy county, West Azarbaijan Province.

Shams Tabrizi (1185–1248) is credited as the spiritual instructor of Mawlana Jalaluddin Muhammad Balkhi, also known as Rumi, and is mentioned with great reverence in Rumi’s collection of poems, in particular ‘Diwan’ (The Works of Shams of Tabriz). His tomb is located in the historical city of Khoy.

In the follow up to a call seven months ago, scientific centers and universities sent more than 216 research works and articles to the conference, IRNA quoted Hossein Sivani-Asl, general governor of Khoy as saying at a press meet earlier.

“The media and other organizations in and outside the country should help introduce the historical tomb of Shams,” Sivani said, adding that the Day of Shams Tabrizi, (Sept. 29) will be marked with tributes to the ancient Persian thinker in Khoy.

Mawlana and Shams are pioneers of Islamic philosophy. “Molavi became widely known because of his revolutionary meeting with Shams,” Sivani noted, adding that Khoy county has the potential for multi-dimensional development due to its cultural monuments and the tomb of Shams.

“We can introduce the city to the world and make it well-known just like Konya in Turkey, Rumi’s resting place,” he said.

The event, ‘Shams Tabrizi: From Tomb to Hometown’, organized by Shams Tabrizi Organization and officials from Tabriz, concludes on September 30.