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Message of Peace for World Inhabitants

Message of Peace for World InhabitantsMessage of Peace for World Inhabitants

The book ‘A Prayer for World Peace’ which holds a universal message of hope and serenity for all inhabitants on earth is to be released in October.

Written by British peace activist Jane Goodall and illustrated by Iranian painter Firoozeh Golmohammadi, the book is published by German publisher Minedition Publishing Ltd. in English and German, in cooperation with Kia Literary Agency in Tehran, Mehr News Agency reported

Jane Goodall is a naturalist, anthropologist and UN messenger of peace, widely known for her studies of Chimpanzees and animal welfare. She has authored numerous books.

In this work she asks people “to rise above dogmas, bring a spirit of generosity to the living world around them and pray for justice and for those who are suffering.”

Illustrated with rich and colorful artworks by Golmohammadi, it is perfect for a generation of readers who are waking up to the innumerable suffering caused by human activities such as war, animal abuse and environmental degradation. It appeals to all humankind, regardless of creed or background and is seen as a universal message of hope.

Born in Tehran, Golmohammadi, 64, is an artist whose works have been exhibited widely around the globe. She has won a number of prestigious international awards.

She is also a painter and illustrator as well as art instructor and has published over 20 books. During her many years of experience, she has developed her own unique style. Her goal is to explore universal ideals and to create symbolic art that conveys spiritual beauty, she says.

Kia Literary Agency was founded in 2002 in Tehran with the aim of promoting and supporting fine literary works in all forms from all over the world. It provides opportunities for authors, illustrators, publishers, translators and others in this field to meet their counterparts. And at the same time it keeps them informed of events that take place in the world of art and literature.