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Designs in Abstract Art

Designs in Abstract ArtDesigns in Abstract Art

The Academy of Arts has launched a new art gallery, with focus on costume design, performance, and painting and sculpture, which opened on Friday (Oct 17).

On the opening of the gallery, the academy manager and owner of Raj Gallery Majid Rahimi-Jafari said, “we are eager to initiate and expand our activities in 3 specific areas, which are the focus of the gallery too.”

“Firstly, performance art is targeted to be made less individual-centered. At present, there is no financial benefit for performing artists - if gallery goers are encouraged to attend their performances, this would give them more initiative and in turn lead to further creativity,” ISNA reported him as saying.

Secondly, the gallery plans to focus on costume design arts, to promote the idea that fashion design can be viewed in a different perspective. To better understand ‘fashion art’ one needs to study the collections at museums such as ‘Victoria and Albert’ in London, where the clothes are a manifestation of abstract art, not designed for everyday use, Jafari stated.

Finally, painting and sculpture would receive attention, and in this area “we hope to approach arts with a fresh vision. All galleries aim for this, however, only time will tell if this actually happens,” he added.

Painting and video art are commonly considered conventional medium of expression. Fashion designing can be considered a medium of artistic expression as well; however, it is neglected, Jafari said.

The gallery is located at No. 4, Hakimi Alley, Pakistan St., Beheshti Avenue, Tehran.