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36 Iranian Art Works at Christie’s

36 Iranian Art Works at Christie’s36 Iranian Art Works at Christie’s

Iran is present at Christie’s 17th consecutive art sale in the Middle East with 36 qualifying works.

With more than a quarter of the total works, Iran has the highest share in the prestigious international auction, MNA reported.

Collectors from around the world will bring their passion and energy to drive the sale total, well above the high estimate. Close to 122 modern and contemporary Arab, Iranian and Turkish artworks representing 10 different countries including Iran (36 artworks), Iraq (22), Lebanon (20), Egypt and Syria (each with 17), Turkey (5), Tunisia (2), and Palestine, Jordan, and Morocco (1 each) will be displayed at the sale on October 21, in Christie’s saleroom at Jumeirah Emirates Towers, Dubai.

Some of the major Iranian paintings including an untitled work by Bahman Mohassess, ‘The Last Poet of Iran’ by Parviz Tanavoli, ‘Toothpicker’ by Farhad Moshiri, and ‘Tree Trunks’ by Sohrab Sepehri, with pre-sale estimates of $60,000 - $220,000 (varying for each work), will be displayed.

Moshiri’s ‘Toothpicker’ has been published as back cover of the auction’s catalog.

 Highest Price

The auction’s highest pre-sale estimate is $400,000 - $600,000 for a classic painting ‘Bergere a Alamein’ by Mahmoud Saiid, an Egyptian artist. The painting forms the cover of the catalog.

Also ‘Vase with Flowers’ by Leyly Matine-Daftary, ‘Snow White’ by Abbas Kiarostami, ‘Mahvash’ by Ghasem Hajizadeh, ‘The Poet and Heech’ by Tanavoli, ‘Quarto Staggioni’ and ‘Abgousht Dizi’ by Marcos Grigorian, an untitled work by Koorosh Shishegaran, and ‘RSM + 21VM’ and ‘Dorane’ by Hossein Zenderoudi are among other famous Iranian artworks which will be showcased.

The auction house is committed to bring Middle East art to a global audience.

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