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Green Film Festival Slated for May

Green Film Festival Slated for MayGreen Film Festival Slated for May

The fifth Green Film Festival is to be held in Iran after a 10-year hiatus, from May 14-21, 2016.

Festival Secretary Farhad Tohidi called on national and international filmmakers to participate in the event organized by the Department of Environment, Borna News Agency reported.

The festival aims to provide a stimulus to individuals as responsible citizens to protect the environment. As a national movement, it will draw people’s attention to the depleting natural resources and raise awareness on how to protect and conserve the environment.

 “It is not to merely illustrate artistic concerns. Environment issues are strongly interwoven in human life,” said Tohidi.

Pointing to Urumia Lake, he said the drying up of the lake’s water resources adversely affects 10 provinces. “The violation of nature endangers animal habitats and ends in environmental degradation.”

He said the festival is to remind people of their duty to save Earth and “this will not be achieved without a public movement.”

Enthusiasts may participate in four categories of long shots (over 50 minutes), short clips and short documentaries (both less than 30 minutes) and animation. The clips can be recorded with common electronic devices, including smart phones. January 7 is the deadline for submission of entries.

The Green Film Festival is a member of the International Environmental Film Festival Club that provides the platform for global environmental interaction and sharing of information to enrich environmental film production.