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Operetta ‘Animal Lake’ on Children’s Day

Operetta ‘Animal Lake’ on Children’s DayOperetta ‘Animal Lake’ on Children’s Day

The operetta ‘Animal Lake’ will be performed at Vahdat Hall by Pars Orchestra Group on the occasion of National Children’s Day (October 8).

The performance is based on the poem ‘Deer and the Birds’ by Nima Yushij, celebrated contemporary Persian poet, with some adaptations, said Naser Nazar, director of the orchestra at a press conference, Honaronline reported.

A combination of lyrics, music and motion will see eight child actors in the roles. Motion is a unique part of the show. “We aim to send messages of love and friendship by children to all Iranians.”

 Twenty different music pieces, inspired by the characters, will be performed by the orchestra. “String, wind and percussion instruments are combined to create an outstanding atmosphere for the show.”

The 400-member symphony orchestra will perform six scenes that will last 45 minutes.

“We are experimenting with different styles of opera accompanied by singing and playing,” Nazar said, adding that he wanted to plan a special program for the upcoming event. He hoped the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance would support new innovative programs for children.

The group has 15 years of experience in children’s performing arts. The team also includes Mandana Karimi, lyric writer, Loretta Avedisian, motion designer and Amir Moqarab Samadi, percussionist.

Its works have usually included fables and old stories. Yushij’s other poems have also been thematized. The opera ‘Mana and Mani’ changed the group’s direction from a music band to one of performance art.

‘Animal Lake’ will be staged on September 30 and October 1.