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Chair Art Designs Offer Historical Information

Chair Art Designs Offer Historical InformationChair Art Designs Offer Historical Information

Niavaran Cultural Center will showcase 30 chairs, designed by contemporary Iranian architects in an exhibition organized by the Objet Art Center.

Curated by Elnaz Tehrani, the show includes items created in the past 18 months, portraying the modern perspective on chairs by 30 architects, Honaronline reported.

Chairs have always been a common object in different fields of architecture and designing. Material selected, engineering and production design are all illustrated in the final work of chair art.

As symbolic designs, chairs hold valuable historical information for aestheticians and art critics. The background, including the designer, the artistic school influencing the production process and the final user, speak a lot about the product.

A large number of acclaimed designers have tried designing a chair at least once during their professional activities. Architects like German-American Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Finnish-American Eero Saarinen, American Frank Lloyd Wright and British Norman Foster are among artists whose chair designs are the most outstanding works of art in their time.

Between the start of modern art movement (1870) and the beginning of WW II (1939), designing and art progressed along a fully creative track. The first models of the couch are the result of the revolutionary era.

“History of art and society has always been interwoven and affected by political, cultural and technologic issues. So it can be seen that the geographical and social environment of artists affect their final style of design,” Tehrani said.

Designers today have a valuable and rich source of information. Such events provide opportunities for artists to a unique record in Iranian designing.

The art center aims to identify the past, oversee the present and seek the future path in chair architecture through observation and documentation of historical background of Iranian contemporary designs.  

It is also making efforts to introduce another dimension of professional characteristics of architects to the art society. “The event provides an opportunity for artists to present their unique art in chairs, a change from routine complexities of construction projects,” she said.

Pante’a Eslami, Rambod Ilkhani, Maryam Pousti, Alireza Taghaboni, Amir Qasempour, Alireza Mashhadi Mirza and Reza Najafian are among the architects attending the event.

The opening ceremony on September 25 saw the participation of university professors, students, artisans, architects and designers.

The chair design show will run through October 9.