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Documentary Theatre on Crime

Documentary Theatre on CrimeDocumentary Theatre on Crime

A documentary theatre ‘Prepensely, Amorously, Killingly,’ written by young director Sanaz Bayan, is on stage at Baran Theatre Hall.

It chronicles the lives of three different women who are accused of murder and the roles are taken from real characters as reported in newspapers, Pershianews reports.

The investigation, a departure from reality, is the main idea on which the play is based, Bayan said, adding: “The plot includes a mental conversation between a woman reporter and the female prisoners accused of murder.”

In an introduction to the play, Bayan says: “What is performed on stage is the same as what is reported in the crime and accident pages of newspapers, which are not necessarily based on truth. The multi-dimensional aspects of truth make it impossible for truth to be understood and the show uses documents to scrutinize the ‘real truth’.”

Women often play an active role in Bayan’s works. She creates “a logical image of women, not based on heroism and myths.”

The play was first performed at the 9th Women Playwrights International Conference, Stockholm, in August 2012. It was also staged a score times at Shams Theatre Hall in 2013.

The cast includes Bahareh Rahnama, Nasim Adabi, Giti Qasemi and Ayeh Kianpour. The play will be on stage until October 9 at the theatre at No. 292, Felestin St., Enqelab Ave., Tehran.