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Azadi Architect Designs US Tower

Azadi Architect Designs US TowerAzadi Architect Designs US Tower

A Canada-based Iranian architect best known for designing the Azadi Tower in Tehran, Hossein Amanat, is working on a new project in San Diego, California, the US.

The residential tower will become operational in 2016, Honaronline reported.

The project comprises a 42-storey concrete building with 260 units. It includes four levels of underground parking. Varied balcony edges create an undulating facade around the inner glass volume, revealed at random points up the tower facade.

As a young graduate from the University of Tehran, Amanat won a nationwide competition in 1966 to design the Azadi Tower, which later became one of the symbols of the capital city Tehran.

This first architectural project led to the opportunity to create some of Iran’s most distinctive projects with reference to traditional Persian architecture. Among them are the first buildings of the Sharif University of Technology in Tehran, the Persian Heritage Center, the Faculty for Business Management of Tehran University and the Embassy of Iran in Beijing, China.

After moving to Canada in 1980, Amanat designed the Jiang’an Library for the Sichuan University and the media library for the Beijing Broadcasting Institute, both in China. He also designed several high-rises in San Diego, California, the US and Burnaby, in British Columbia, Canada.

Amanat, 75, has won several awards including American Concrete Institute Award in 2001 and Excellence in Building Design, Marble from Greece Competition in 1995.