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Mansour Maleki Passes Away

Mansour Maleki Passes AwayMansour Maleki Passes Away

Veteran journalist, critic, and former public relations manager of Tehran’s Museum of Contemporary Arts, Mansour Maleki, 73, passed away on Sunday (Sept. 20), after ailing for a year.

Maleki was an academic instructor in literature and cultural editor of Persian language newspapers ‘Abrar’ and ‘Arya’. He was a punctilious critic of films, literary works, and visual arts.

Among his written works are poetry collections like ‘Two Pigeons by Our Windowpane’, and ‘I’m With You as Long as I’m With You’, printed in 2013, reports Mehr News Agency.

He also played a significant role in developing the career of his wife, Pari Maleki, the veteran traditional singer and the head of Khonya Ensemble.

His body will be laid to rest on September 22 in the artists section of Tehran Cemetery, Behesht-e Zahra.